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The Science of Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair

TrichoLab is a hair growth and scalp treatment specialist in Singapore that combines the knowledge of medical science with the miraculous gifts of nature. We promote scalp health by merging holistic medical expertise, scientific research, and natural beauty in hair restoration.

Our Founder

Our visionary founder and chairman, Dr Kelvin Chua has been at the forefront of medical aesthetics development. He founded SL Aesthetic Clinic and SkinLab The Medical Spa in the 2000s, followed by TrichoLab in 2020. Together with key partners and other hair growth specialists in Singapore, he grew the company from a single clinic at Wheelock Place to multiple locations across Singapore.

Today, together with The Lifestyle Medical Clinic, all four brands make up SL Aesthetic Group

Trichology-trained Professionals​

TrichoLab Solutions

TrichoLab offers a complete range of non-invasive, medically evaluated scalp treatments designed by in-house scalp specialists. We use scientifically proven ingredients and techniques to treat all types of scalp conditions.

Restoration & Nourishment

Uses the finest-quality plant-based products and methodologies with ingredients proven to improve scalp and hair health significantly.

All treatments at TrichoLab are specially curated to transform the hair from the inside out while treating the scalp with targeted nutrients to regenerate hair follicles and optimise healthy hair growth.

We deploy an all-rounded and systematic approach to deliver visible results.

Purifying Follicle Therapy

We commence our treatments with purification therapy, consisting of customised treatments catered for various scalp types. These treatments remove sebum buildup, otherwise known as epidermis plaque, and impurities that clog the hair follicles, which is the cause of various scalp issues.

TrichoLab proprietary active botanical formulation combined with medical-grade salicylic acids effectively removes dead skin and grease. Our therapy prepares the scalp to absorb better nutrients essential for healthy hair growth.

Fortifying Scalp Therapy

These are designed treatments with a boost of high concentration botanical extract that penetrates follicles for improved blood circulation and optimal hair growth.

Restoring Home Care Therapy

Comprehensive home care solutions that complement your scalp treatments to combat scalp issues that you are facing effectively. Please consult our Scalp Specialists for the most suitable selection of products for your hair and scalp needs.

You Do You, Almost.

Doctors like to say that medicine and surgery aren’t exact science. This is very true in any field of medicine, and when it comes to medical aesthetics, it becomes even more subjective. As professionals, we like to think that we know just a bit more than the general public. This is why we do not cater to those looking to attain their “desired” looks; often, they have misplaced beliefs about their own appearances and are in need of psychological help instead of aesthetic medicine.

We believe in simply helping YOU improve on what you already have or don’t have, rather than completely change you.

In other words, we just want to help you become the best version of yourself.


Our Headquarter


601 Macpherson Rd #08-18/19
Singapore 368239

Singapore’s largest medical spa chain offering medical-grade facials and skincare products.

SL Aesthetic Clinic offers a continuously-updated array of minimal to non-invasive, FDA-approved, CE-marked, or HSA-approved medical aesthetic treatments in Singapore. The end goal is to empower you to become the best version of yourself.