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How you look when you’re out and about In Singapore can leave a lasting impression. Colouring your hair can be a simple but effective way to add vibrancy to your appearance.

It’s important, though, to visit a professional hair colouring salon for reliable service. Hair colouring, by the nature of how it works, will inevitably cause some loss of hair strength. At TrichoLab, we aim to minimise this by using only high quality, scientifically proven products and prepping your hair and scalp prior.

Before colouring your hair, we apply a skin and scalp protector so your hair adapts to the dye more graciously. This also ensures the overall health and longevity of your hair. All hair colouring services are performed by our professional stylists who are trained to work with different hair types

Importance of professional hair colouring

While the allure of DIY hair colouring kits may seem tempting, the importance of professional hair colouring cannot be underestimated. A skilled stylist understands the nuances of different hair types, textures, and tones, ensuring that the chosen colour complements your features.

Professional hair colouring also minimises the risk of damage to the hair and scalp.

Benefits of TrichoLab hair colouring


At TrichoLab, our approach to hair colouring goes beyond aesthetics. As hair and scalp specialists, we understand the importance of maintaining hair integrity while delivering the desired colour transformation.

Hair and scalp care expertise


TrichoLab’s roots in addressing hair and scalp concerns set us apart from other salons. Our professionals are well-versed in understanding different hair types and conditions, ensuring the hair colouring is tailored to your needs.

If necessary, we will highlight hair conditions you may have that are causing your hair to be dull, pointing you to treatment services that can complement your hair colouring needs. We’ll also provide tips you can practise daily to keep your hair healthy.

Available hair colouring services at TrichoLab

TrichoLab offers a range of hair colouring services. We provide hair colouring, bleaching, highlighting, and touch-up services to achieve your hair styling goals. 

Hair colouring involves applying a single, uniform colour to the entire head of hair. Depending on your goals, the colour can be a natural shade or a brighter and unconventional one. The hair dye is applied from the roots to the tips of the hair, covering the entire head.

Full colouring is often chosen for a complete transformation or to maintain a consistent and even hair colour.

Bleaching is a chemical process that lightens natural hair colour. This technique lifts the existing colour, providing a blank canvas for applying lighter or more vivid shades. The colour outcome is more accurate because bleached hair can better absorb lighter shades.

It is a transitional step from dark to light colours. Depending on the desired effect, bleach is applied to sections of the hair or the entire head.

TrichoLab’s stylists are skilled in creating natural-looking highlights that enhance your overall look. Highlighting is the process of lightening specific sections of hair to add dimension and contrast. Some strands are lightened while others remain in their natural colour, creating a multi-tonal effect that adds depth and texture.

Highlights can be applied using foiling, balayage, or ombre techniques. The goal is to mimic the way natural sunlight would lighten the hair.

Touch-ups involve refreshing or reapplying colour to the roots of the hair. This service is designed to maintain the consistency and vibrancy of hair colour between colouring sessions.

Touch-ups are recommended for those who have previously coloured their hair and want to avoid noticeable contrasts between their natural hair and the previously applied colour.

The hair colouring process

Understanding the hair colouring process can make you more confident and informed about your choices. TrichoLab follows a meticulous process to achieve the desired results.

  1. Consultation: A thorough consultation is conducted to understand your preferences, hair type, and overall styling goals.
  2. Preparation: The hair is prepared by cleansing and, if necessary, pre-treating to ensure an even colour application. We will apply a scalp and skin protector to strengthen the scalp barrier and minimise the risk of irritation. 
  3. Application: The chosen hair dye is expertly applied, taking into account your features and desired outcome.
  4. Processing: The hair is left to process for 35 to 45 minutes, ensuring that the colour develops evenly and beautifully.
  5. Rinse and condition: After achieving the desired colour, the hair is carefully rinsed and conditioned to maintain its health and shine.
  6. Styling: The final step involves styling the hair according to the client’s preference, showcasing the full impact of the new colour.

Hair colouring price in Singapore

TrichoLab offers competitive pricing for professional hair colouring services. The cost may vary based on factors such as the chosen service, hair length, and complexity of the desired colour.

The price for hair colouring starts at $148.

After care & maintenance

Proper care and attention are required to maintain your new hair colour. To prolong its vibrancy, we recommend shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on your hair and fit your hair type. We’d be happy to recommend any of our products that suit your needs.

Regular trims and touch-ups are also advised to keep the colour looking fresh and the hair in good condition.

Hair colouring in Singapore

When you choose TrichoLab you’ll be adding vibrancy to your hair while also keeping your hair healthy. We bring years of experience in treating hair conditions to our salon services.


The best hair colour depends on individual preferences, skin tone, and lifestyle. TrichoLab’s professionals conduct consultations to help clients choose colours that enhance their features and align with their style.

It’s advisable to have clean, dry hair before your appointment. TrichoLab’s team will guide you on any specific preparations based on the chosen colouring service.

Yes, TrichoLab offers bleaching services to facilitate a transition from dark to light hair colours. Our professionals ensure a gradual and healthy process.

The frequency of touch-ups depends on factors such as hair growth and the desired level of maintenance. TrichoLab recommends touch-ups every 6 to 8 weeks for optimal results.

Popular techniques include balayage, ombre, and highlights. They offer versatility, create dimension, and provide a more natural-looking result than traditional, all-over hair colouring.

TrichoLab’s experts provide personalised consultations with colour samples to help clients choose colours that complement their skin tone and enhance their natural beauty.

TrichoLab uses quality products and techniques to ensure that hair colour withstands Singapore’s humidity. Proper aftercare is also advised to maintain colour longevity.

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