Scalp Analysis: 5 Tests A Scalp Specialist Do to Save Your Hair

It’s easy to overlook your scalp when caring for your hair, but the two are intrinsically related. A healthy scalp means healthy hair. It might be hard on your own, though, to understand just what areas of your scalp are causing hair problems.

That’s where a scalp analysis can help. A scalp analysis is a diagnosis process where a trained scalp specialist uses a magnified scope to assess areas of concern on your scalp. When done by a scalp specialist in Singapore, a scalp analysis can be your first step to better hair health.

Here are five hair checks that can be done through the scope of a scalp analysis.

Condition of Scalp

To determine the condition of your scalp, the specialist will look for signs of dryness, redness or oiliness. A shiny or muddy appearance indicates excess oil on the scalp, and it is often accompanied by thick buildup that can cause itching. The presence of flakes and scales means the scalp is dry and needs better hydration. And redness is a sign of scalp sensitivity and inflammation.

It is important to know the condition of your scalp to recommend the best treatment. Without an analysis, you may risk getting a misdiagnosis or remain unaware of the true condition of your scalp.

Condition of Hair Loss

Attesting to the widespread concern over hair loss by Singaporeans, a 2022 beauty survey by Statista found that hair loss was the top concern among 44% of respondents.

The signs of hair loss can be easy enough to detect, from patchy spots to increased shedding, but identifying the cause is not as straightforward. During a scalp analysis, the scalp specialist can observe the skin and hair follicles on your scalp, and check for abnormalities.

The following symptoms can all point to hair loss:

  • an inflamed scalp
  • the minituarisation of follicles, which is the shrinking of hair follicles
  • the lack of new hair growth
  • excessive shedding
  • thick buildup on the scalp


Further inspection can also show:

  • how much hair you are losing
  • the pattern of hair loss
  • which stage of hair loss you are at

Based on the analysis, the scalp specialist in Singapore can recommend lifestyle changes, topical medication, surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

Hair Density

Hair density can be seen with a scope. To check the number of hair strands emerging from a hair follicle, your scalp specialist will focus the scope on specific parts of your scalp.

It is normal for a single follicle to grow two to three strands of hair. A closed hair follicle stops growing hair while an open follicle with little growth means it is still possible to restore your hair density with formulated treatments.

Your scalp specialist may recommend exfoliating and nourishing scalp treatments in Singapore to clear your hair follicles of any residue and boost its growth.

Hair Thickness

A scalp analysis provides such a detailed view of your hair condition that even the thickness of your hair strands can be measured. Your hair may grow thinner due to factors such as ageing, genetics, stress or hormonal imbalance. Hair strands with thinner diameters typically indicate miniaturisation.

Hair follicles that are smaller in size produce thinner hairs and a weaker shaft that can easily fall out. This can be permanent if the hair follicles are not managed properly in the early stages.

When miniaturisation is detected, it is necessary for your scalp specialist to address it while the hair follicles are still attached to the stem cell sources and while hair is still growing. Otherwise, new hair growth is almost if not impossible.

Keratin on Scalp

The presence of keratin can be detected by a blue-hued light from the scope. This naturally occurring protein in your body can build up on your scalp and affect hair growth.

The scalp analysis can also show if the buildup is causing flakes or keratin plugs (white bumps) to develop on your scalp. Once these are identified, your specialist can recommend the right scalp treatment for keratin buildup, which usually consists of gentle exfoliation and soothing fluids to ease inflammation

Accurate Diagnoses For the Right Solutions

As shared above, a scalp analysis by a scalp specialist in Singapore can help to accurately identify your hair and scalp condition, determine the best treatments, and even monitor future progress.

A scalp analysis can be your first step in getting hair that stays healthier for longer. That’s why at TrichoLab we prioritise scalp analysis in all our treatments. Everyone has unique hair needs and our scalp specialists endeavour to meet them as best as they can.

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