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All You Need to Know about Scalp Treatment

Maintaining a healthy scalp goes beyond washing, conditioning and using hair products.  If you want to boost your hair health or deal with scalp problems, it’s time to look beyond the basics. 

Professional scalp treatments offer comprehensive solutions that enhance scalp health while also addressing hair concerns such as dandruff, itching and hair loss. In this article, we will discuss these and other benefits, and help you determine if you need a scalp treatment.

What is a scalp treatment? 

washing hair: scalp treatment process

Scalp treatments comprises a range of professional procedures and therapies designed to promote scalp health and address various conditions. Unlike regular shampooing and conditioning, which primarily focus on cleansing and moisturising the hair, scalp treatments target the scalp directly to address issues such as dandruff, dryness, oiliness, sensitivity, and hair loss.

These treatments include applying specialised products, massage techniques, and sometimes technologies to deliver targeted benefits to the scalp. From exfoliating dead skin cells to soothing irritation and stimulating hair growth, scalp treatments offer a holistic approach to maintaining a healthy scalp environment.

Professional scalp treatments are performed by hair and scalp specialists who assess your condition and recommend the most suitable treatment for your needs.

What are the benefits of a scalp treatment?


One of the core benefits of scalp treatments is exfoliation. Like the skin on the rest of your body, your scalp can accumulate dead skin cells, excess oil, and product buildup over time. This buildup can congest hair follicles, lead to dandruff and hinder hair growth. 

Scalp treatments that incorporate exfoliation help to slough off these impurities, promoting a healthier scalp environment and encouraging better hair growth.

Reduce dandruff

Dandruff is a common scalp condition characterised by flaky, itchy skin. While it’s not usually a serious medical concern, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. 

Scalp treatments designed to target dandruff often contain ingredients like salicylic acid and fruit enzymes, which have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These treatments help to reduce flakiness, soothe itching, and control the overgrowth of yeast on the scalp, effectively combating dandruff.

Relief from itch and irritation

An itchy, irritated scalp can be incredibly bothersome, making you feel uncomfortable and even pain if it’s severe. Scalp treatments focusing on soothing and calming the scalp can relieve these symptoms. 

Ingredients like aloe vera, menthol, and witch hazel have soothing properties that alleviate itchiness and irritation, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and comfortable.

Oil control

Overactive oil production can lead to greasy, limp hair causing issues like dandruff and acne. 

Scalp treatments formulated to regulate oil production often contain ingredients like centella asiatica and green tea extract, which help to absorb excess oil and impurities from the scalp. By balancing sebum levels, these treatments leave your scalp feeling clean, fresh, and less prone to oiliness.


Like the rest of your skin, your scalp needs adequate hydration to stay healthy and function properly. A dry scalp can lead to flakiness, itching, and even hair breakage. 

Hydrating scalp treatments infused with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, and glycerin replenish moisture levels, restoring balance to the scalp and promoting a healthier scalp environment.

Improved hair growth

Healthy hair growth begins with a well-maintained scalp. Scalp treatments that enhance blood circulation and provide nourishment to the hair follicles are key to fostering hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Ingredients like peppermint oil, vitamin E, and biotin are known for their hair-stimulating properties, making them popular choices in scalp treatments designed to boost hair growth.

Enhanced shine and volume

A well-nourished scalp can result in hair that’s shiny, voluminous, and full of life. Scalp treatments that improve scalp health and stimulate hair growth can indirectly enhance the appearance of your hair, giving it a natural lustre and a thicker, fuller look.

Types of scalp treatment in Singapore

TrichoLab offers various scalp treatments that cater to diverse needs, including dandruff, sensitive scalp and hair loss concerns. Each treatment is designed to address specific scalp issues and promote overall scalp health. Here are some of our popular scalp treatments.

Scalp Exfoliating Treatment

Designed for individuals experiencing mild dandruff symptoms or seeking to maintain scalp health, the Scalp Exfoliating Treatment is a gentle yet effective solution. Formulated with papaya enzymes, it delicately exfoliates dandruff from the scalp, while centella asiatica and green tea extracts regulate oil levels. Additionally, oat protein extract soothes scalp inflammation. The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Clears away existing dandruff and environmental buildup
  • Soothes redness and irritation
  • Prevents itching
  • Minimises flaking and dandruff formation
  • Encourages hair growth
  • Promotes shiny hair

Scalp Revival Treatment

Say goodbye to flaky dandruff and dry scalp with Scalp Revival Treatment. This treatment uses medical-grade salicylic acid to clear dandruff and scalp buildup effectively. Doing so allows the scalp to absorb the hydrating nutrients in the nano mist essence, resulting in a fresher, calmer, and cleaner head of hair. The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Clears away and minimises dandruff formation
  • Purifies unwanted debris and environmental buildup
  • Hydrates and soothes the scalp

Sensitive Reduction Treatment

The Sensitive Reduction Treatment offers relief and protection for those with hypersensitive scalps. This treatment combines niacinamide, vitamin B5, oat protein, and green tea extracts to calm inflammation, boost scalp immune function and guard against further irritation. The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Clears away environmental buildup
  • Soothes redness and irritation
  • Prevents itching
  • Protects from further irritation

Hair Loss Prevention Treatment

Combat hair loss and strengthen hair roots with the Hair Loss Prevention Treatment. Integrating TrichoLab’s expertise with botanicals such as Ginkgo Leaf Extract and Vitamin E, this treatment comprises a specialised series of masks, shampoo, and ampoules. It clears scalp buildup effectively, strengthens hair roots, and prevents hair loss. The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Sloughs away dead scalp cells to make way for new cells
  • Unclogs pores to minimise buildup and scalp inflammation
  • Controls oil production for healthy hair growth
  • Strengthens hair roots against hair loss
  • Disinfects, detoxifies, and boosts scalp oxygenation
  • Promotes absorption of hair care products


These treatments ensure that your scalp remains healthy and your hair looks its best. We also provide scalp treatments for other hair and scalp conditions.

TrichoLuxe Heavenly Head Spa 

scalp treatment process shampooing

Besides giving you a relaxing time, our head spa was formulated to treat most scalp conditions, including problematic scalps. It’s inspired by the four earthly elements, each designed to treat specific conditions: 

  • Earth – hair growth 
  • Water – hydration 
  • Air – ageing scalp 
  • Fire – rejuvenating 


Each subtype includes the use of specialised serums and an iontophoresis machine to stimulate hair follicles. All of our clients leave feeling satisfied and convinced that our head spa works – based on their pre and post-scalp analysis results. 

We also only choose premium products that are in line with our branding of quality and excellence. 

head spa products at tricholab

Signs you need a scalp treatment

  • Dryness and flakiness: If you notice dry, flaky patches on your scalp, it could indicate a lack of moisture and exfoliation. A scalp treatment can help to hydrate the scalp and remove dead skin cells, restoring balance and reducing flakiness.
  • Excessive oiliness: An overly oily scalp can lead to greasy, limp hair and contribute to issues like dandruff and acne. Scalp treatments that regulate oil production can help control excess sebum and keep the scalp fresh and clean.
  • Itchiness: Persistent itching and irritation on the scalp may indicate inflammation or an underlying skin condition. A soothing scalp treatment can relieve itchiness and help calm and comfort the scalp.
  • Redness and inflammation: If your scalp appears red, inflamed, or tender to the touch, it could indicate irritation or an allergic reaction. Scalp treatments containing soothing ingredients can help to reduce redness and inflammation, promoting a healthier scalp environment.
  • Excessive hair loss: While it’s expected to shed some hair every day, excessive hair loss or thinning may be a cause for concern. Scalp treatments that stimulate circulation and nourish the hair follicles can help to promote hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

Which scalp treatment is for you?

Understanding your scalp condition and desired outcomes can help you make an informed decision. Here’s a brief guide to help you choose the ideal scalp treatment.

Assess your scalp condition

Are you experiencing dandruff, itchiness, sensitivity, or hair loss? Identifying the primary issue will filter your options and steer you toward treatments that address specific concerns.

Consider treatment objectives

Next, consider your treatment objectives. Are you seeking to combat dandruff, promote hair growth, soothe irritation, or maintain scalp health? Different scalp treatments offer unique benefits, so aligning your goals with the intended outcomes of each treatment will help you make the right choice.

Consult with a specialist

Consulting with a qualified professional is invaluable. The experts can assess your scalp condition, provide personalised recommendations, and guide you toward the most suitable treatment option based on your needs.

Scalp treatment in Singapore

Scalp treatments are an essential part of a well-rounded hair care routine. You can achieve healthier hair by prioritising scalp health and incorporating regular treatments into your regimen.

TrichoLab’s scalp treatments are carefully curated to address various hair and scalp concerns. Our experienced hair and scalp specialists in Singapore customise each treatment to suit your needs using expert techniques and high-quality ingredients, ensuring optimal results. Whether you’re seeking relief from itchiness, want to boost hair growth, or pamper yourself with a luxurious scalp treatment, TrichoLab has you covered.

Book a consultation with us and learn about scalp treatment prices.

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