Hair Bleaching

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A hair makeover can make a powerful statement about beauty and self-expression. If you want to change your hair colour entirely, do so safely with professional hair bleaching services.

Importance of professional hair bleaching

Hair bleaching involves using chemicals to lighten hair’s colour. While it may seem simple, achieving the desired result without compromising hair health demands professional expertise. Certain brighter hair colours like platinum blonde, pink and green can also only be achieved through bleaching. DIY attempts can lead to hair damage and uneven colouring.

Hair bleaching, by the nature of how it works, will inevitably cause some damage. At TrichoLab, we aim to minimise this damage by using only high quality, scientifically proven products and prepping your hair and scalp prior.

Before bleaching your hair, we apply a skin and scalp protector so your hair adapts to the bleach more graciously. This also ensures the overall health and longevity of your hair. All hair bleaching services are performed by our professional stylists who are trained to work with different hair types.

Why choose hair bleaching?

Hair bleaching is recommended to transform dark hair to a lighter colour, such as blonde and ashy hues. Bleaching lightens the pigments in your hair, providing a base that can better absorb hair dye pigments. It is an essential transitional step for those contemplating more elaborate hair colouring, ensuring the new colour adheres evenly and vividly.

When combined with a toner, hair bleaching allows for precise colour correction. It is ideal for neutralising unwanted undertones or achieving specific shades.

You may also consider bleaching as a standalone service, giving your natural colour a lighter and refreshed appearance.

Benefits of TrichoLab professional hair bleaching

TrichoLab is committed to delivering excellence in every step of the hair transformation process. The benefits of choosing our salon for hair bleaching include:

Expertise: TrichoLab’s stylists are highly trained professionals with a deep understanding of hair types. We customise our approach based on each individual. Our stylists have at least 10 years of experience in the industry.

Quality products: TrichoLab exclusively uses quality hair care products that prioritise hair health and integrity while achieving stunning results.

Personalised consultation: Before starting the bleaching process, TrichoLab conducts a thorough consultation to understand your preferences and assess the condition of your hair. This ensures a personalised approach that meets your expectations.

Minimised damage: Through precise application techniques and high-quality products, we minimise the potential damage associated with bleaching, leaving your hair looking vibrant and healthy. This includes using a skin and scalp protector to minimise irritation.

Types of hair bleaching

There are different hair bleaching techniques, each designed to achieve specific results. The choice of technique often depends on factors such as the natural hair colour, desired outcome, and overall hair health.

Single process bleaching: This is a basic, all-over hair bleaching process applied uniformly to the entire head. It suits those looking to lighten their natural hair colour without colour patterns.

Double process bleaching: This technique involves two steps – the first hair bleaching application lightens the overall hair colour, and the second consists of applying a toner or colour to achieve the desired final shade. It is ideal for those who want to achieve bright shades of colour.

Balayage: Balayage is a freehand technique where bleach is strategically painted onto sections of the mid-lengths and ends. This technique creates a natural, sun-kissed balayage effect.

Highlights: Bleached strands are strategically placed throughout the hair using foils or other methods, creating dimension and texture. This technique suits individuals who want to add brightness and dimension to their hair without a full bleach.

Dip dye: Bleach is applied to the ends of the hair, creating a distinct line between the natural colour and the bleached portion. This colour effect provides a bold and playful look, especially when using contrasting colours.

Hair bleaching process

The hair bleaching process is a carefully organised series of steps that require expertise. TrichoLab’s approach involves:

Consultation: A detailed discussion to understand your desired outcome and assess the current state of your hair.

Preparation: We apply a scalp and skin protector to safeguard your scalp and hairline, promote scalp health and protect your skin from irritation.

Bleaching: The application of the bleaching solution, tailored to achieve the desired level of lightening.

Development time: Allowing the bleach to process, monitored closely to avoid over-processing.

Washing and toning: Thorough washing to remove the bleach, followed by applying a toner if needed for colour correction.

Treatment: A nourishing treatment to restore moisture and vitality to the hair.

Styling: The final step involves styling your newly transformed hair.

Hair bleaching price in Singapore

The cost of professional hair bleaching at TrichoLab reflects our expertise, quality products, and personalised service. Our bleaching service starts at $90.

While prices may vary based on hair length, density, and specific requirements, we ensure transparency in our pricing. A consultation before the service allows for a clear understanding of the anticipated cost.

After care & maintenance

Achieving your desired hair colour is just the beginning; maintaining its vibrancy and health requires proper aftercare. TrichoLab provides personalised aftercare recommendations, including specialised shampoos, conditioners, and leave-on treatments designed to nourish and protect bleached hair.

Regular appointments for touch-ups and treatments are also advisable to ensure your hair remains in optimal condition.

Hair bleaching service in Singapore

Investing in professional hair bleaching ensures superior results and offers peace of mind, knowing that your hair’s health is prioritised throughout the process.

Colouring and bleaching your hair requires thoughtful consideration and professional guidance. TrichoLab is committed to helping you achieve the hair colour you desire.


When done with high-quality products and expertise, professional hair bleaching minimises damage. Following a proper aftercare routine is crucial for maintaining hair health.

Bleaching hair with a sensitive scalp is best done under the supervision of a skilled stylist. TrichoLab takes precautions to protect your skin during the bleaching process.

Hair bleaching is safe when performed by professionals using quality products. TrichoLab prioritises hair health throughout the process.

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and those with severe scalp or skin conditions should consult a healthcare professional before hair bleaching.

Following TrichoLab’s aftercare recommendations, including using specialised products and regular treatments, helps minimise damage and maintain hair health.

The hair bleaching duration varies based on individual hair types and desired outcomes. A TrichoLab stylist will provide an estimate during the initial consultation.

Yes, making an appointment ensures that TrichoLab can provide you with the personalised attention and service you deserve. Contact us to schedule a consultation and book your hair bleaching session.

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