Singapore is renowned for its chic street fashion and fascination with trendy hairstyles, often revolving around sleek and straight hair. To achieve this look, the go-to solution for many is hair rebonding.

TrichoLab provides professional hair rebonding services that can transform your hair, giving it a smooth and glossy finish.

Importance of professional hair rebonding

While many may attempt to obtain straight hair with electric hair straighteners, the results are often temporary and unsatisfactory. Furthermore, regular heat styling can be inconvenient and risk damaging your hair.

Hair rebonding, by the nature of how it works, will inevitably cause the loss of hair strength. At TrichoLab, we aim to minimise this damage by using only high quality, scientifically proven products and prepping your hair and scalp prior.

Before rebonding your hair, we apply a skin and scalp protector so your hair adapts to the heat more graciously. This also ensures the overall health and longevity of your hair.

Benefits of TrichoLab hair rebonding


Silky smooth finish

The hair rebonding process ensures a silky smooth finish, leaving your hair looking effortlessly sleek—the products and process employed during the treatment result in a glossy and straightened appearance that lasts.

Damage-free treatment

Professionalism is at the core of TrichoLab’s services. Our hair rebonding process is designed to minimise damage to your hair, ensuring that you not only achieve the desired look but also maintain the health of your hair.

Personalised consultation

At TrichoLab, we understand that each individual’s hair is unique. Before the rebonding process begins, our stylists conduct a personalised consultation to assess your hair type, texture, and condition to tailor the treatment to your needs.

Hair rebonding service at TrichoLab

TrichoLab’s hair rebonding services cater to diverse preferences and hair types. Whether you’re looking for a subtle transformation or a dramatic change, our skilled stylists have the expertise to deliver the perfect result. Some of the key services include:

Classic rebonding

The traditional method for achieving straight hair, classic hair rebonding provides a timeless, sleek finish that lasts a long time. This treatment remains a staple for those wanting a sleek, refined, and effortlessly elegant look.

Rebonding perm

Rebonding perm combines two popular hair treatments – rebonding and perming. This service is ideal for a versatile look that combines straight and wavy styles. It offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy the sleekness of rebonded hair while retaining the soft, natural-looking waves when desired.

Soft rebonding

Soft rebonding is a gentle approach to achieving straight hair while maintaining a more natural look. This method focuses on relaxing tight curls and waves, providing a subtler, softer straightening effect. Soft rebonding is a good choice for a softer, straightened appearance.

Volume rebonding

Volume rebonding is worth considering if you desire straight hair while retaining volume and bounce. Unlike traditional rebonding, which can sometimes flatten the hair, volume rebonding adds a touch of lift and body. This technique is perfect for those with fine or limp hair looking to maintain a fuller appearance post-rebonding.

Hair rebonding process

TrichoLab follows a meticulous process to ensure optimal rebonding results:


Before the treatment begins, a thorough consultation takes place. The stylist assesses your hair type, texture, and any previous treatments to determine the most suitable approach.


To prepare your hair for the rebonding process, TrichoLab uses a gentle pre-treatment to remove any impurities and enhance the effectiveness of the straightening agents.

Application of straightening solution

The professional-grade straightening solution is then applied to your hair. This solution breaks down your hair’s natural bonds, allowing it to be permanently reshaped and straightened.

Heat treatment

Heat application is a crucial step in the rebonding process. TrichoLab uses heat technology to seal in the straightening effect, ensuring a long-lasting result.


A neutralising solution is applied to set the new shape of your hair. This step helps lock in the straightened structure and ensures your hair remains sleek and smooth.

Final treatment and styling

Once the rebonding process is complete, your hair undergoes a final treatment to enhance shine and manageability. The stylist then styles your hair according to your preferences.

Hair rebonding price in Singapore

The cost of hair rebonding may vary depending on hair length and the rebonding chosen. The price for this treatment starts at $188.

TrichoLab believes in transparent pricing, and our team is happy to provide a detailed breakdown of the costs during the initial consultation. Investing in professional hair rebonding is not just about the immediate result but also about the long-term benefits and the expertise that comes with it.

After care & maintenance

Maintaining the results of your hair rebonding treatment is essential for a lasting effect. TrichoLab provides aftercare guidance to help you keep your hair looking smooth and healthy. Here are some critical tips for post-rebonding maintenance.

Use sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoos are gentle on chemically treated hair and help maintain the longevity of the rebonding treatment.

Avoid excessive heat

While your hair has been treated with heat during the rebonding process, it’s essential to minimise additional heat exposure. Avoid frequent use of styling tools like straighteners and curling irons to prevent damage.

Regular trims

Regularly trim your hair to keep it looking its best. Trimming helps prevent split ends and maintains your hair’s overall health.

Deep conditioning

Include deep conditioning treatments into your haircare routine to keep your hair moisturised and nourished.

Hair rebonding salon in Singapore

Investing in professional hair rebonding at TrichoLab is not just about achieving a desired look; it’s about entrusting your hair to experienced hands that prioritise its health and vitality.


The duration of the classic rebonding effect varies from person to person, but on average, it can last up to 12 months. On the other hand, the effect from rebonding perm, volume rebonding and soft rebonding may last between 3 to 6 months, depending on your natural hair texture and hair care.

Over time, as new hair grows, the rebonded hair will return to its natural state. Regular touch-ups are recommended to maintain the straightened look.

Rebonded hair is permanently reshaped into a straightened form. However, new hair that grows from the roots retains its natural texture, gradually reshaping your hair.

The frequency of hair rebonding depends on your hair type and condition. Generally, waiting at least six to twelve months between sessions is advisable to allow your hair to recover and minimise potential damage.

While both hair rebonding and straightening aim to achieve straight hair, hair rebonding is a permanent treatment, while straightening provides a temporary change in hair texture.

The duration of the hair rebonding treatment depends on your hair length and thickness and the specific technique used. On average, it takes about two hours.

Yes, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment before coming for a hair rebonding treatment. Professional salons, like TrichoLab, often have a busy schedule, and booking an appointment ensures you will receive dedicated time with a stylist.

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