Organic Hair Colouring

The New Beauty Ritual That Nourishes Your Hair While Colouring

A professional hair line promises true-tone colour, high-lift lightening and long-lasting coverage, while minimising hair damage. It has a high concentration of bond protectors, which protect the inner structure of your hair strands. Suitable for all scalp and hair types, including grey hair.

Uses an innovative technology

  • NCR Technology (Natural Colour Retention) retains the micro-pigments inside the hair fibre.
  • Pure micro-pigments use a new generation of physical dye molecules and additives.
  • Ammonia-free colours with a low ammonia substance
  • PPD free hair colouring is gentle on the scalp and provides long-lasting hair natural-looking colour.


Allergen free fragrance lowers the risk of causing an allergic reaction.

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