multivitamin serum for hair treatment

Anti Grey Hair Serum

Restores hair’s natural colour and reduces oxidative stress in hair follicles

Hyaluronic Acids Peel
Keep your scalp supple while preventing dandruff

Iontophoresis (Detox)
Use microcurrent to gently detox the scalp

LED Light
Helps to soothe, calm and improve blood circulation

Stimulates cell turnover, circulation and hair growth

Microneedling DHT Serum
Stimulates cell turnover, circulation and hair growth

Multivitamin Serum
Vitamins, minerals and amino acids for revitalization

Revitalise Ampoule (Jet Spray)
Revitalisation boost for the scalp

Salicylic Peel 
Disinfects, exfoliates and prevent sebum build up

Scalp Ampoule 
All the essential nutrients for your hair and scalp

Dissolves dead skin and promotes blood circulation

Soft Laser Comb
Laser technology helps encourage hair growth

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