Salicylic Acids Peel

Ideal for those with excess oil, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and product build-up on the scalp. A gentle exfoliator without harsh ingredients that can strip the strands and deplete the hair and scalp of essential moisture for healthy hair growth.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates the excess oil, build-up of sebum on the scalp surface.
  • Reduces scalp irritation and itching
  • Balances pH level
  • Promotes hydration and minimises dry scalp


  1. Scalp analysis
  2. Welcome massage
  3. Sensitive shampoo
  4. Hair conditioning
  5. Salicylic acids peel application
  6. Anti-hair loss ampoule application
  7. Scalp massage
  8. Scalp soothing fluid application
  9. Post-treatment analysis

How it Works

scalp analysis for hair treatment

Scalp Analysis

A pre-treatment in-depth scan of your scalp to assess its condition and requirements

Scalp Soothing Fluid

Effectively soothes and treats the inflammation scalp.

Salicylic Acids Peel

Removing excess oil and dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, the BHA can penetrate the skin, and exfoliate deep within the pores.

multivitamin serum for hair treatment




There’s no downtime or side effects.

This is suitable for normal, oily scalp or dandruff. It is not suitable for expecting or nursing women.

Once every 7-10 days.

See improvements within 4-6 weeks with consistent, uninterrupted treatment

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