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Signature Microneedling Hair Growth

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TrichoLab’s signature hair growth treatment with clinically proven results. It uses a microneedling system of up to 0.6mm that delivers a patented hair growth and anti-hair loss formula (made with a secret complex of botanicals, peptides, and growth factors) into follicles. The result? Hair loss is neutralised while hair growth is promoted.

What is Microneedling for Hair Loss?

Microneedling for hair loss is a minimally invasive procedure that involves pricking the scalp using a tool, such as a microneedling pen. This tool is equipped with fine, tiny needles to stimulate elastin and collagen production, thereby treating various skin conditions, including hair loss.

While this hair loss treatment may sound painful, it generally causes controlled superficial trauma to the scalp to stimulate blood flow, and at the same time, improves the absorption of topical hair loss treatments.

Microneedling for hair loss can also cause the scalp to release platelets and hair growth factors in the traumatised areas, which help thicken the existing hair follicles.

How Does Microneedling for Hair Loss Work?

During your hair loss treatment, we use a microneedling system for hair with needles up to 0.6mm to deliver TrichoLab’s patented hair growth and anti-hair loss formula (made with a secret complex of botanicals, peptides, and growth factors) into your hair follicles.

Before the procedure, you will undergo a consultation. The actual procedure time may vary based on the size of the treatment area and the number of steps involved. At TrichoLab, you can expect the procedure to take around 90 minutes to complete inclusive of the pre & post-treatment analysis.

After the procedure, we will blow-dry your hair and subsequently conduct a post-treatment analysis to review the effects of microneedling for hair loss. We may apply a multi-vitamin serum or LED Light Therapy to give your hair loss treatment a boost for greater results.

Benefits of Microneedling for Hair Loss

There are several benefits of microneedling for hair loss, especially if you have androgenetic areata – a genetic hair loss disorder caused by an excessive response to the hormones androgens.

This is because microneedling for hair loss works by causing minuscule injury to the dermis to stimulate the skin’s growth factor. The only physical changes that you may notice during or after the procedure is a little redness, which will go away over time.

These same growth factors may promote hair growth as the microneedling can help stimulate stem cells to grow which are helpful for hair growth. Studies have also shown that microneedling helps alongside oral or topical medications in treating hair loss, resulting in the growth of thicker, denser hair.

Cost of Microneedling for Hair Loss in Singapore

As microneedling encourages hair growth by stimulating the stem cells in your hair follicles, you can expect that the derma roller for hair will create minor wounds on your scalp to help restore thinning hair.

This procedure usually costs around S$300 to S$700 per session, depending on the number of treatment sessions you require. If the treatment area is bigger, it will be more expensive. At TrichoLab, our Signature Microneedling Hair Growth costs S$368.

Key Benefits

  • Purifies environmental buildup
  • Ensures healthy scalp environment
  • Boosts scalp oxygenation 
  • Hair gets thicker and stronger


  1. Scalp analysis
  2. Welcome head massage
  3. Scalp stimulation and hair brushing
  4. Nourishing anti-hair loss mask with steam
  5. Anti-hair loss shampoo
  6. Hair conditioning
  7. Microneedling with patented hair growth formula
  8. Blow dry
  9. Post-treatment analysis

How it Works

scalp analysis for hair treatment

Scalp Analysis

A pre-treatment in-depth scan of your scalp to assess its condition and requirements

steaming for hair treatment

Anti-hair loss mask & shampoo

Using our series of specialised hair care designed for boosting scalp circulation


Microneedling with hair growth formula

Our secret patented formula comprising of herbal and peptide complex plus growth factors is delivered into the follicles

multivitamin serum for hair treatment


Whether it is a Multivitamin Serum or a LED Light Therapy, give your treatment a boost for greater results



This microneedling for hair loss treatment will take around 90 minutes.

You may notice some redness on your scalp after the treatment. Rest assured that this is normal and will dissipate within the next day.

TrichoLab’s Microneedling for Hair Loss treatment is suitable for anyone experiencing advanced hair loss or simply looking to have luscious locks. It is also suitable for expecting or nursing women.

We recommend that you do the treatment once every 7-10 days.

You can expect to see some improvements within 12-24 weeks with consistent, uninterrupted hair loss treatment.

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