How to prevent your hair dye from fading: 6 expert-approved tips

Dyed hair always looks best when we’re fresh out of the salon — that’s when the colours are most vibrant and our hair feels the smoothest. Unfortunately, dyed hair fades with each wash, and generally, our hair’s structure and porosity plays a huge part in its ability to retain colour.

In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on 6 expert-approved tips on how to make your hair colour last longer!

Use sulphate-free shampoo

The hair care products we use, like shampoo, can contain sulphates that hasten colour loss. Sulphates are a common ingredient in shampoos that help get oil and dirt out of our hair. However, they can also strip away moisture, dull out colour-treated hair and cause hair cuticle damage over time — making it even harder for your hair to retain colour.

When it comes to shampoos, opt for sulphate-free cleansing alternatives. These help cleanse your hair without stripping your scalp of its natural oils, moisturises and protects hair colour. You can also take it up a notch and try colour-protecting shampoos, which work by sealing your hair cuticles to hold the dye in. Don’t forget to apply conditioner after!

Reduce frequency of hair wash

Not only does what shampoo you use affect colour retention, but so does how often you shampoo! The more you wash your hair, the faster the colour will fade.

As washing your hair can strip away dye, reduce the frequency of your hair washes. It is generally recommended to wash your hair 2 – 3 times a week. This helps minimise colour fading and dryness of the hair.

Deep conditioning

Colour-treated hair can be more prone to breakage and dryness. Deep conditioning your hair at least once a week can help keep it moisturised and nourished, which, in turn, helps maintain the vibrancy of hair colour.

Opt for conditioners specially formulated for colour-treated hair. Especially if your hair’s been bleached or on the drier side, conditioning daily or every other day will give your hair some extra TLC.

Use a hair mask

Similarly, hair masks help nourish the hair and retain colour. They also have the added benefit of offering reparative properties that resolve dryness by penetrating the hair shafts on a deeper level. This is especially useful for damaged hair that needs to be strengthened and restored.

Post-colouring hair masks are a good go-to option right after you have your hair dyed. These hair masks help reinforce your hair’s structure and reduce breakage, for healthier and more resilient hair.

Reduce heat styling

Heat styling can further damage hair and fade hair dye. Heat has several effects on the hair such as:

  • Opening hair cuticles — heat opens up the hair cuticles (outer layer of the hair shaft), releasing dye pigments and causing colour fading.
  • Accelerated chemical reactions — heat causes the dye pigments in the hair to oxidise, which results in fading, especially when the hair is very porous.
  • Hair damage — heat also causes damage to the hair, weakening the hair shaft and damaging the cuticles. Damaged hair has a harder time retaining colour, which accelerates loss in hair vibrancy.

To prevent hair dye from fading, avoid heat styling — and if you must, use a spray heat protectant to minimise damage to your hair!

Avoid hot water for washing hair

When washing your hair, use lukewarm water and avoid hot water. Just like heat styling, washing your hair causes the same damage as mentioned earlier.

Hot water also strips the hair of its natural oils, which work to seal in moisture and protect the hair shaft. Without natural oils, the hair becomes more brittle, making coloured hair more susceptible to damage and loss of pigmentation.

How long will your new hair colour last?

Generally, permanent hair colouring lasts for about 6 – 8 weeks, depending on the health and porosity of your hair. How you take care of your hair, and the products that you use, holds some bearing on how long the colour vibrancy lasts.

It is important to know that bleached hair is generally very porous and damaged. Hence, it takes on colour dye easily, but releases it just as quickly with each shampoo wash.

How often can you colour your hair?

Technically, there’s no hard and fast rule on how often to colour your hair. However, it’s best for you to keep it between 6 – 8 week intervals to give your hair time to rest, minimise damage and maintain your hair’s health. This also largely depends on the type of dye used, as some could contain chemicals that could greatly damage your hair.

Why colour your hair at a salon?

Generally, it’s best to get your hair coloured with a professional at the salon instead of doing it yourself at home. This is especially true if bleaching is required to get your desired hue, because you run the risk of severely damaging your hair. A professional will use freshly mixed dye and techniques that will last much longer than a DIY box dye treatment at home.

TrichoLab’s Organic Hair Colouring treatment utilises organic ammonia-free ingredients to help you achieve vibrant hair tones while minimising damage. It also utilises Natural Colour Retention (NCR) technology, which retains micro-pigments inside the hair fibres for longer-lasting tones.

Before dyeing your hair, we spray a scalp protector to prevent any damage or hair loss that comes with hair colouring.

Hair colouring in Singapore

Hopefully, this guide provided some useful tips on how to prevent your hair dye from fading. Ultimately, it’s important to have healthy hair that can retain its dyed colour, and achieving your desired hair tones shouldn’t have to be associated with brittle hair.

TrichoLab is a hair and scalp specialist in Singapore that utilises science-backed solutions for all your hair care needs. Book an appointment with us for a long-lasting hair colouring treatment today!

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