How to make scalp treatments work for you: All types explained

Not all treatments need to involve pain and needles to be effective. In fact, when it comes to scalp and hair care, there are a variety of non-invasive scalp treatments available to improve scalp health and promote hair growth.

In order to make your scalp treatment work for you, the trick is to understand your current scalp condition and what needs to be treated. In this article, we’ll run through common scalp issues and the types of non-invasive scalp treatments available in Singapore.

Scalp treatment for hair loss

We shed about 50-100 strands of hair a day and that’s completely normal. However, when we lose more hair than usual and experience hair thinning, it may be a cause for concern.

You should consider a scalp treatment for hair loss if you experience:

  • Excessive shedding

  • Thinning hair

  • Bald patches

  • A receding hairline

  • Changes in your hair parting

  • Unusual hair texture changes

TrichoLab’s Signature Microneedling Hair Growth treatment is a 90-minute scalp treatment designed to encourage hair growth. Microneedling is a technique that utilises a microneedling pen to strategically place micro-injuries along the scalp to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. This, in turn, encourages cell renewal and activates dormant hair follicles for hair growth.

In this targeted treatment, the microneedling technique is also used to deliver a patented hair growth and anti-hair loss serum, formulated with a complex of botanicals, peptides and growth factors to stimulate hair growth. A multi-vitamin serum or LED light therapy can be recommended by your therapist for optimal results.

Scalp treatment for dandruff

A flaky scalp that feels itchy or irritated could be a sign of dandruff and TrichoLab’s Scalp Revival Treatment may help treat the problem.

Dandruff is a common skin condition often caused by the overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia, leading to excessive shedding and scalp irritation. Other causes of dandruff include:

  • Seborrheic dermatitis — A common, chronic skin condition caused by a very oil scalp characterised by flaky white or yellow scales.

  • Contact dermatitis — A skin condition caused by an allergic reaction or irritation from certain hair care products or chemicals.

  • Poor hair hygiene — Infrequent shampooing and hair washing can lead to the build up of oil and dirt on the scalp, causing dandruff.

  • Unhealthy diet — A diet that lacks nutrients such as zinc and B vitamins can contribute to dandruff.

  • Stress — Psychological stress can indirectly affect the immune system, making one susceptible to dandruff.

  • Hormonal changes — Hormonal imbalances can cause excess sebum production in the scalp which can lead to dandruff.

  • Dry skin — Dry skin can cause scalp skin flaking and worsen with dry or cold weather.

  • Oily skin — Excess sebum production in the scalp can create a conducive environment for Malassezia fungus to grow, causing dandruff.

This 75-minute treatment incorporates medical-grade salicylic acid to deeply cleanse the scalp of dead skin buildup and clear away dandruff. A hydrating nano mist with nutrient essence and sensitive scalp shampoo is then administered to hydrate and soothe the scalp. The treatment is recommended once every 7-10 days, and you can expect to see improvements in your scalp health within 6-8 weeks.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to simply prevent dandruff, you can consider the Dandruff Prevention Treatment, which includes a gentle papaya enzyme exfoliation and other ingredients like centella asiatica and green tea extracts to regulate the scalp’s sebum production. Extracts like peppermint are also used to soothe the scalp and lower inflammation.

Scalp treatment for oily scalp

Greasy-looking hair could be a sign of an oily scalp, which can cause the buildup of dirt and discomfort. Thankfully, there are scalp treatments like TrichoLab’s Sebum Control Treatment to help balance oil production in scalp skin.

Common causes of an oily scalp include:

  • Genetic predisposition  — Sometimes we are just genetically predisposed to have overactive sebaceous glands that lead to an oily scalp.

  • Hormonal changes — Hormonal fluctuations can cause excess oil production in the scalp, which, in turn, causes an oily scalp.

  • Diet — A diet high in greasy foods can cause an oily scalp.

  • Overwashing or underwashing hair — Washing your hair too much or too little can cause the scalp to overcompensate or undercompensate by producing too much sebum.

  • Environmental factors — Hot and humid weather can contribute to an oilier-feeling scalp.

  • Underlying scalp issues — Underlying skin conditions, such as fungal infections or chronic psoriasis can cause an overproduction of sebum in the scalp.

The Sebum Control Treatment is a 90-minute procedure suitable for oily scalps and those who suffer from mild folliculitis, regulating the scalp’s sebum production. Key ingredients from this treatment are:

  • Papaya and pineapple enzymes — to gently exfoliate and hydrate the scalp.

  • Centella Asiatica and green tea extracts — to balance oil levels and soothe scalp inflammation.

Not only does this treatment clear build up and mattify the scalp, it also helps fight acne-causing bacteria that might be contributing to your oily scalp. During the procedure, an oil control shampoo and oil control ampoule are also used for optimal results.

Scalp treatment for itching or burning scalp

An itchy, burning and irritated scalp can be treated with the right scalp treatment, depending on what is causing your symptoms. At TrichoLab, there are 3 main scalp treatments for various types of scalp issues:

  • Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that causes scaly patches and inflamed skin, and can be caused by a fungal infection. The Dermatitis Care scalp treatment utilises an antifungal ampoule and soothing fluid to effectively mitigate the itching and soothe the inflamed scalp. A thorough exfoliation is also done to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.

  • Scalp psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disorder where the scalp produces skin cells too quickly. This leads to plaques or thick, itchy patches of skin. The Psoriasis Rescue scalp treatment utilises a combination of botanicals, scalp nourishing mask and LED light therapy to slough off the plaques, soothe the scalp and promote healing.

  • Scalp folliculitis / scalp inflammation

Folliculitis is a common condition that causes inflamed skin resulting from bacterial or fungal infections. The Folliculitis Remedy treatment is a 90-minute solution to treat such infections, mitigating bacterial and fungal growth while deeply cleansing the skin. It also includes an LED light treatment, which helps repair the damaged scalp and prevents folliculitis from worsening.

Scalp treatment for damaged scalp

The Intense Scalp Treatment is a comprehensive 120-minute scalp treatment that deeply cleanses and helps restore and nourish a damaged scalp.

The treatment involves 14 steps and can be personalised based on your scalp’s current condition and needs. It starts with a thorough scalp analysis, followed by a customised mask with blue light therapy to calm inflammation and open up the pores of the scalp. A customised scalp ampoule with jet spray, infusion, massage and soothing fluid is also applied to ensure optimal conditions for improved scalp health and healing.

Other benefits include:

  • Deep relaxation — The Intense Scalp Treatment encourages deep relaxation and helps reduce stress and tension. This indirectly helps minimise stress-reduced hair loss.

  • Cleanses scalp —  The scalp is deeply exfoliated and cleansed from oil, buildup and impurities, leaving it renewed and refreshed.

  • Stimulates blood flow — A personalised scalp massage is performed to provide relaxation and stimulate blood flow, encouraging the distribution of important nutrients to the hair follicles.

  • Promotes hair growth — The treatment helps balance oil production and deeply cleanses the skin, providing an optimal environment for hair growth.

This treatment is highly customisable and personalised to address your scalp condition and specific needs. It is minimally invasive and has no downtime, which means you can return to your day-to-day activities right after!

Scalp treatment for smelly scalp

A smelly scalp is often caused by the buildup of skin cells, sweat and sebum, and just requires a really deep cleanse.

TrichoLab’s 360 Essential Scalp Treatment is an all-encompassing scalp treatment that detoxifies and disinfects the scalp while nourishing and boosting oxygenation. It involves a series of treatments and technologies such as radiofrequency treatment and iontophoresis cleansing, a hyaluronic acid peel and multimineral serum application.

Scalp treatment for dry scalp or hair

This quick 20-minute Hydra Moisture Treatment was designed to deeply restore hydration and replenish moisture to the scalp. It also smoothens hair and strengthens hair structure, reducing breakage by up to 80%.

TrichoLab’s Hydra Moisture Treatment’s key benefits include:

  • Deeply hydrates

  • Improves hair strength and resilience

  • Boosts hair shine

  • Stimulates and supports healthy hair growth

  • Protects the hair from the sun’s UV rays

  • Maintains moisture levels

  • Restores scalp and hair health

This treatment utilises ingredients like sea kelp to deeply hydrate and add shine and bounce to the hair. This ingredient also contains fatty and amino acids that strengthen hair structure. The Hydra Moisture Treatment ends with an anti-hair loss ampoule to encourage hair growth and restore scalp softness.

Another dry scalp or hair treatment to consider is the Hydrating Exfoliating Treatment, perfect for sensitive scalps and targeted towards deeply moisturising and cleansing the scalp.

A hyaluronic acid peel, combined with gluconolactone and plant enzymes are used to slough away scalp build up and excess oil, while restoring moisture levels in the scalp. It also involves a steaming procedure to thoroughly open pores and an anti-hair loss mask for hair growth. Sometimes, an additional multivitamin serum or light therapy is recommended to boost your results.

Scalp treatment for red and irritated scalp

A red and inflamed scalp could require an anti-irritant treatment.

TrichoLab’s Sensitive Reduction Treatment is a 90-minute procedure that calms and fortifies a dry and sensitive scalp using a special formulation of niacinamide, vitamin B5, oat protein and green tea extracts. Not only does this treatment soothe a hypersensitive scalp, it also protects it from further irritation and boosts its immune function.

For irritation caused by bacterial or fungal infections, the Immunolock Scalp Treatment may be the right choice for you! This targeted treatment is suitable for sensitive scalps, and clinically-proven to reduce inflammation and irritation while strengthening the scalp’s natural skin barrier.

It involves a powerhouse of plant-based extracts, such as tea tree oil, chamomile extract, organic dandelion and more. This deeply detoxifies the scalp, delivers intense hydration and tempers inflammation caused by infections or dryness.

Consult a scalp specialist

Understandably, with the number of non-invasive scalp treatment options available, choosing the right scalp treatment may not always be easy on your own. This is why every scalp treatment in TrichoLabstarts with an in-depth scalp analysis to help you understand exactly what your scalp needs.

Non invasive scalp treatment in Singapore

TrichoLab is a hair and scalp specialist dedicated to providing science-backed treatments for your needs — from prevention to treatment. Schedule a consultation with our trained professionals today for a thorough scalp analysis and personalised treatment plan.

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