Immunolock Scalp Treatment

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Your scalp is the foundation from which your hair grows. A healthy scalp not only determines the condition of your hair but also prevents scalp conditions, such as dandruff, folliculitis and seborrheic dermatitis.

While the right products can keep your hair clean, a dedicated routine consisting of scalp treatments will keep your scalp strong and rejuvenated. Enter our Immunolock Scalp Treatment, a comprehensive and clinically-proven therapy for total cleansing of the scalp. It is a mask-based treatment featuring power botanicals including tea tree oil, chamomile extract, organic dandelion and more.

What is Immunolock Scalp Treatment?

Immunolock Scalp Treatment is a specialised scalp treatment specifically designed to address irritated and sensitive scalps, instantly relieving discomfort and strengthening your scalp’s natural barrier.

It is suitable for anyone experiencing an oily and/or itchy scalp or simply just want a scalp detox. This treatment includes plant-based ingredients clinically proven to improve your scalp health as well as a special in-house advanced formula.

Immunolock Scalp Treatment is customisable to your needs; during consultation, our specialists will tailor a protocol unique to your condition, be it a sensitive scalp or hair loss.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for all scalp types, especially sensitive scalp 
  • Keeps scalp and hair health at its optimum 
  • Detoxes scalp, promoting a healthier scalp environment 
  • Delivers intense hydration to your scalp
  • Customised to your scalp and hair 
  • Nourishes and revitalises your hair 
  • One of a kind scalp mask


  1. Scalp Analysis 
  2. Welcome head massage 
  3. Scalp stimulation and hair brushing 
  4. Customised scalp mask followed with head massage and steaming
  5. Customised scalp shampoo
  6. Conditioner 
  7. Towel and blow dry 
  8. Customised scalp ampoule 
  9. Scalp massage
  10. Scalp soothing fluid 
  11. Blow dry and post-treatment scalp analysis

How It Works

scalp analysis for hair treatment

Scalp Analysis

Customised Scalp Mask

Customised Shampoo & Ampoule

Application of Scalp Soothing Fluid


Immunolock Scalp Treatment takes about 75 minutes, depending on what we customise for you.

There is no downtime or side effects. However, we recommend taking steps to ensure your scalp is protected the first few days post-treatment, such as staying away from the sun and heat tools.

This treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to detox their scalp, improve conditions like hair loss, soothe an inflamed scalp or simply improve scalp health.

For optimal results, it is recommended to do Immunolock Scalp Treatment every 7-10 days.

You will experience improvements right after the first session but best results are seen within 6-8 weeks with consistent, uninterrupted scalp treatment.

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