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Are you ready to transform your look with gorgeous, bouncy curls or effortlessly stylish waves? Look no further than a salon perm. With the help of a professional you can ensure that your hair perms don’t come at the cost of your hair’s health and quality.

Importance of professional hair perming

Hair perming is a popular styling technique involving chemical processing that restructures your hair’s natural shape to create curls or waves. While DIY hair perm kits may seem tempting, they can be ineffective and ruin the integrity of your hair.

Achieving the perfect perm requires professional handling. Professional hair perming ensures you get the intended result and minimises the risk of damage to your hair.

Hair perming, by the nature of how it works, will inevitably cause the loss of hair strength. At TrichoLab, we aim to minimise this damage by using only high quality, scientifically proven products and prepping your hair and scalp prior.

Before perming your hair, we apply a skin and scalp protector so your hair adapts to the heat more graciously. This also ensures the overall health and longevity of your hair.

TrichoLab’s experienced stylists are trained to assess your hair type and texture and tailor the perm to suit your needs.

Importance of professional hair perming

TrichoLab is a hair and scalp specialist extending its expertise to salon services. Here are some key benefits of choosing TrichoLab for your hair perm:

  • Expert stylists: Our team has the knowledge and skill to create the perfect curls or waves that complement your style.
  • Quality products: Our high quality products are gentle on your hair, promoting a long-lasting and healthy perm.
  • Customised solutions: TrichoLab takes a personalised approach, considering hair type, length, and condition to tailor the perm to your preferences.
  • Hair prep: Before perming your hair, we prep your hair and scalp with a skin and scalp protector to prevent damage.

Types of hair perm service



A classic perm is a traditional perming technique that uses chemical solutions to alter the hair’s natural texture. The process creates curls or waves that add volume, texture, and a new dimension to the hair.

Curl formation: Perms can create a range of curls, from tight and defined to loose and wavy.

Results: The perm provides enhanced volume and texture, giving the hair a bouncy and dynamic appearance.

Hair type: Perms are well-suited for individuals with straight or mildly wavy hair who want to add curls or waves for a new, dynamic look.

Maintenance: A perm curl will relax over time. Using shampoos and conditioners designed for chemically treated hair helps preserve the health and longevity of the perm.

Digital perm

Digital perms create soft, natural-looking waves with a hint of bounce. The process uses digitally controlled heat, which ensures a consistent and even curl pattern throughout the hair.

Curl formation: Produces loose, natural-looking waves. Allows for more control over the size and pattern of the curls.

Results: It creates a modern and soft perm effect, often seen in beach waves or voluminous curls. It is well-suited for those who want a relaxed and tousled look.

Hair type: It is suitable for all hair types and is especially effective for straight or slightly wavy hair.

Maintenance: It requires minimal maintenance and provides lasting curls that gradually relax over time.

Root perm

Root perms focus on adding volume and lift to the hair’s roots. This technique is ideal for individuals with fine or flat hair, providing a boost of texture and creating a more voluminous appearance.

Curl formation: It primarily focuses on adding volume at the roots rather than creating curls along the entire hair length.

Results: Results in a more voluminous hairstyle

Hair type: Suitable for individuals with straight or mildly wavy hair who desire more root volume.

Maintenance: Generally, it requires less maintenance than a full perm, as the curls are concentrated at the roots.

Hair perming process

Consultation: Our stylists conduct a thorough consultation to understand your desired outcome, assess your hair condition, and recommend the most suitable perm type.

Preparation: Your hair will be prepared by washing and applying a protective solution to minimise potential damage during the perming process.

Wrapping: Depending on the desired curl size and style, sections of your hair will be wrapped around perm rods or rollers.

Application of perm solution: The perm solution breaks down the natural bonds in your hair, so that the hair can take on a new shape.

Neutralisation: After achieving the desired curl, a neutralising solution is applied to reform the hair’s bonds and set the curls.

Rinsing and styling: Your hair is thoroughly rinsed, and our stylists will perfectly style your newly permed locks.

Hair perming price in Singapore

TrichoLab believes in transparency when it comes to pricing. A classic perm for short hair starts at $138, while a perm for long hair starts at $158. The final cost will depend on the type of perm, hair length, and additional treatments.

During the initial consultation, our stylists will provide a detailed breakdown of the cost, ensuring that you are fully informed before proceeding with the service.

After care & maintenance

Maintaining your permed hair is crucial for preserving its beauty and health. Here are some aftercare tips:

  • Use sulphate-free shampoo: Sulphate-free shampoos are gentler on permed hair and help maintain the integrity of the curls.
  • Deep conditioning: Regular deep conditioning treatments nourish your hair and prevent dryness or frizz.
  • Avoid excessive heat: Limit heat styling to prevent damage to your permed hair.
  • Regular trims: Schedule regular trims to avoid split ends and maintain your curls.

Perm curls and digital perm in Singapore

Express your style and individuality with TrichoLab’s hair perm services. Whether you choose a classic or digital perm, our expert stylists are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Step into our salon and let us transform your locks into a work of art.


The longevity of a hair perm depends on hair type, maintenance, and the type of perm. Typically, a perm can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

To extend the life of your perm, follow a proper hair care routine. This includes using sulfate-free shampoos, deep conditioning treatments, and avoiding excessive heat styling.

Yes, you can get a perm if you have dyed hair. However, it’s essential to inform your stylist about any previous chemical treatments to ensure the best results.

We generally recommend waiting at least two weeks before dyeing your hair after getting a perm. This allows your hair to recover from the perming process.

While it’s best to minimise heat styling to preserve the integrity of your curls if you choose to use heat tools, use a heat protectant spray and keep the temperature low.

Yes, booking a consultation is highly recommended so we can discuss your preferences and ideal perm type.

The duration of the hair perming process varies based on hair length and type. Usually, it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, including consultation and styling.

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